Verbandskëscht, we enable you to stay in your own home!

 Wichteg ass a war et ons, nieft der Kompetenz an der Wonnefleeg, eise Patienten eng familiär a sympathesch Ambiance ze bidden, an hinnen am Alldag bäizestoen ! Ganz nom Moto : Verbandskëscht, leet Äre Kapp a Rou.

Alex Mergen, Managing Director

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Verbandskëscht, is a home care and assistance service open to all, regardless of your needs or age. We provide you with a competent team of qualified carers who all speak Luxembourgish and can take care of all your needs.

Our key concern is to make life easier for you on a daily basis, both by caring for you and assisting you every day.

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