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Compression bandages

For oedema, heavy legs and vein problems, your doctor can prescribe compression bandages or stockings.

Our nurses will come to your home in the morning to apply the bandages or help you to put on the compression stockings.



We can take care of all the aspects of your illness. Our nurse(s) will perform all the treatment required: measuring your blood sugar level, injecting the treatment, reporting back to the general practitioner, adjusting the treatment in collaboration with the general practitioner, advice, etc.

If our nurses will only manage part of your care, you will carry out the treatment along with our nurses, who will guide you, advise you and help you with your treatment (monitoring your diabetes by checking your blood sugar level two or three times a week, contacting your general practitioner if required).



Depending on your medical prescription, injectable treatments can be administered at home by our care teams (subcutaneous, intradermal, intramuscular, intravenous or via an implanted device – central venous catheter, portacath, etc.).



If your doctor prescribes one or several intravenous or subcutaneous drips, our nurses can take care of the whole procedure at your home, from putting on the drip to its removal, to make things more comfortable for you.


Blood tests

Samples (blood tests, smears, urinalysis) are taken directly at your home, for your convenience. We then send them to a partner medical laboratory. Generally, you and your doctor will receive the results the next working day after the sample is taken.
In emergencies or urgent cases, samples, which are normally taken in the morning, can be taken at any time of the day.



Our nurses can manage your treatment with medication, from picking it up at the chemist’s to administration of the medication, according to your doctor’s instructions. We can prepare your medication each day at your home or for a week, in which case it will be placed in a secure and intuitive pill box.

This means you can limit mistakes in dosage and medications.

Any change of prescription from your general practitioner is, of course, directly applied to your treatment.


Urinary apparatus

Do you need urological care? We can help you with urinary catheters, treatments, bladder washing, changing Cystofix® bandages, etc.


Digestive system

We can carry out your gastroenterological treatments, from inserting stomach tubes to removing them (setting up and managing enteral feeding, treatment for the different types of stoma, evacuation treatments, lavage, manual evacuations).


Respiratory system

For your pulmonary treatments, our nurse(s) can take care of your aerosol treatments and your bronchial aspirations.


Vital signs

Our nurse(s) can measure and check your vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, etc.)


What should I do before a compression bandage is applied?

We recommend that you wash your legs with fresh water, apply a moisturising cream and stay lying down horizontally for at least 30 minutes. If you can’t do this yourself, don’t worry: our staff will take care of it when they arrive.

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