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Varicose or arterial ulcers

We use the latest care techniques to provide optimum care for your wounds, whether they are venous or arterial.



During the first visit, we assess with you the risks and factors that may lead to the appearance of bedsores. Together with you and your general practitioner, we will look for the best solutions to help you and care for you.


Post-operative wounds

After surgery, our nurses check and ensure that your post-operation wounds heal well. We support you throughout the healing process.



For optimal personalised care of your burns, the treatment required is determined with your general practitioner and our nursing team. We thus ensure rapid healing and we’ll do everything to ease your pain.


Diabetic feet

In consultation with you and your general practitioner, we implement the appropriate treatment for your wound. Living a healthy lifestyle and regularly checking your blood sugar level will help your wound to heal well.


External fixation devices

The use of an external fixation device requires a special technical dressing. Our teams are there to ensure this dressing is properly applied. An external fixation device can also make basic day-to-day tasks (moving around, washing, eating) a lot more difficult. On request, we can offer you additional support to make everyday life easier for you.


Catheter and stomach tube maintenance

For more comfort and less stress, our nurses can carry out catheter and stomach tube maintenance directly in your home. This means that you don’t have to travel.



In collaboration with your stoma therapist, your general practitioner and our care team, we do everything we can to take care of your stoma in the best possible way.


Dressings with drains

Technical dressings with one or several drains (gauze strips, Redon drain, etc.) require specific care. Our teams can step in and take care of this.


Dressings on an implanted device

Our nurses are specially trained to deal with dressings on implanted devices.


Removal of stitches or staples

In most cases, you don’t need to go to the hospital to have your stitches or staples removed. Talk to your general practitioner about it and we can take care of the removal of your stitches or staples without you having to leave your home.


Negative pressure treatment

This treatment creates a depression under the surface of the wound, to help speed up healing. Verbandskëscht is currently the only home service in Luxembourg to offer this treatment, which is regularly used in Luxembourg’s hospitals.


What do I have to do before a dressing is changed?

If your doctor has prescribed a painkiller, remember to take it one hour before your nurse arrives. If you feel able to do so, have a clean towel and flannel ready and sit in a clean and well-lit place to make the treatment easier. If this isn’t possible, don’t worry, our nurses will take care of everything.

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