Our Commitment to Ethics in Home Care


We place ethics at the heart of our mission. We firmly believe that the provision of home healthcare should be guided by strong ethical principles to ensure the well-being of our patients. That’s why we have established a dedicated Ethics Committee, comprised of qualified and dedicated professionals.


What is Ethics?

Ethics is a branch of philosophy that explores the concepts of good and evil, justice and injustice, guiding our moral actions. In the context of home care, ethics translates into the application of fundamental moral principles to ensure the respect, dignity, and well-being of our patients.

Why an Ethics Committee?

The role of the Ethics Committee is to accompany and advise the healthcare staff on ethical issues or matters related to the respect of the fundamental rights of users. It can also provide, upon request from a user or their legal representative, decision support regarding an ethical issue or respond to questions related to the respect of users’ fundamental rights.

In carrying out its mission, the Ethics Committee provides its opinions independently. The opinions issued in this context are non-binding and confidential. The Ethics Committee is entitled to access medical information, assistance, and care elements, as well as the individual records of the concerned user, needed to make informed judgments.


How to Activate the Ethics Committee?

A submission form is available here:

It can be transmitted to us via email: or by postal mail:

Ethics Committee
5, rue de Turi
L-3378 Livange